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Prezzo: a pagamento
Data inizio: 02/12/2018
Orari: 11:00-13:00
Indirizzo: Piazzale Principessa Clotilde 4
Città: Milano
Provincia: Milano
Regione: Lombardia
Stili: Hatha yoga, Vinyasa Flow yoga


Riferimento: Casa Yoga Milano
Telefono: 3459898651
Insegnanti: Olivia Marley

Wish you had a stronger core but hate ab crunches? Think core strengthening might be about something more than just a six-pack? Planning on indulging this Christmas and looking for something to help balance out the effects of party season…?

In this workshop, we will look at the main components of your core, including how your back, the sides of your waist and your hips all have important roles to play in core strength. We’ll learn how to activate the different parts of your core through your yoga asana, and how connecting with these muscles can take your practice to the next level.

This series is suitable for all levels, and for new or trainee teachers wanting to build core strengthening work into their classes. Be prepared to work hard, have fun, maybe try a new posture or two and leave feeling strong and empowered!

***This class is for all levels of practice and will be taught in English with some translation.


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