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Prezzo: a partire da 940€
Data inizio: 07/08/2021
Data fine: 10/08/2021
Orari: 7-19h
Indirizzo: c.s. Val di Perle, 58, 52044, Cortona (AR)
Città: Cortona (AR)
Provincia: Arezzo
Nazione: Italia
Regione: Toscana
Stili: Meditazione, Più stili yoga, Reiki


Riferimento: Jana Allmrodt
Telefono: mostra numero
Insegnanti: Tariq Juneja – From Uganda, Living In England, Jules Devitto – From England, Living All Over The World, Mark Brouwers – The Netherlands, Shelley J Whitehead – From South Africa, Living In England, Jevon Dangeli – From South Africa, Living In Italy, Jana Allmrodt – From Germany, Living In Italy, Malin Johansson- From Sweden, Living In England, Kriszti VanSlyke – From Hungary, Living In Italy
Strutture: Villa Terzo Di Danciano

ASE Immersion retreats are held at the idyllic villa Terzo di Danciano near the quaint old town of Cortona, surrounded by rolling green hills of Tuscan charm.

ASE Immersion is designed to uplift you on all levels. Nourish your body with organic food of your preference, freshly prepared for the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Invigorate your soul in the spacious villa, tranquil gardens and serene surroundings. Enjoy quiet time for yourself and stimulating discussions with like minded people.

All members of the ASE Team are highly experienced in disciplines associated with psychology, wellness, coaching, therapy, healing, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, martial arts, leadership and creativity. Read about their expertise and what each of them will be facilitating at the retreat below on

We understand that it is essential to address all domains of the person (physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual) in order to access one’s true potential and to flourish in life. At this unique retreat your core needs are taken care of on all levels, thereby enhancing your potential for real growth and healing in each domain, as depicted in the visual below on

What participants say about the ASE Immersion retreat:

“What I enjoyed most about the ASE Immersion event is that the methodology works… I feel empowered. I have tools that can guide me and enable me to be more in control of my life, thoughts and actions. Life does not have to be auto-pilot! Sometimes in the past… it felt as if life was happening to me… I now feel that I can affect life, in how I feel, experience and engage with life… future, past and present.” – Marius Botha, Agriculture


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