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Prezzo: fisso 450€
Data inizio: 01/06/2020
Data fine: 10/06/2020
Orari: 8:00
Indirizzo: info point
Città: Guillestre
Regione: estero
Stili: Hatha yoga, Meditazione


Riferimento: luca castelletti
Telefono: mostra numero
Insegnanti: Paulina Gostomski

We’ll hike and camp the Queyras regional park in the Frech Alps, guided by Paulina who will teach Hata yoga and meditation into this magic place of colors!!! Starting from Guillestre, hiking up the mountains following a trail already explored and tracked to discover the beautifull places where to meditate on the sunset, to take a bath, to feel the wild… Every day we’ll wake up at the sun rise, pratics hata yoga and meditation, and get ready to hike toward the next wonderful spot.
Food we’ll be carried by every partecipants during the journey. One of the goal is to be auto self-sufficient in the mountain.. In spite of this food will be enough considering we’ll hike with a backpack. I calculated minimum 2 kg of food for each one, it means 200 g a day that is much more once cooked. You will taste lite and raw gnammy desserts, natural pasta, cous cous, lentills and more… You’ll be invited to create your own sauce using different spices, erbs and flowers from the land! And we’ll have a spirulina supplie directly produced in the region.
The first day before starting the hike we’ll check the Backpack , share the food, and organise ourself ready for the journey where your tent will be your home!!!
For any question send a message o check the web site!!


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