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Prezzo: a partire da 1220€
Data inizio: 10/09/2020
Data fine: 15/09/2020
Orari: see programme
Indirizzo: Martina Franca
Città: Martina Franca
Provincia: Taranto
Nazione: Italia
Regione: Puglia
Stili: Meditazione, Più stili yoga, Yin Yoga


Riferimento: Elena Petrunina
Telefono: mostra numero
Insegnanti: Rosie Troveri

Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Puglia

The Power To Surrender In The Flow Of Life: Yoga and meditation retreat

Pranayama – Meditation – Yin – Yoga Flow
Valle d’Itria, Puglia, Italy
September 10-15, 2020

10-15 September Yoga Retreat in Puglia

Enter a life of new opportunities; discover the real essence of your spirit, overcome limited concepts, and open up to your true nature.

During the retreat, you will learn to look at yourself from another perspective, the one of forgiveness and compassion. The practice of Pranayama (control and regulation techniques of the breath to clear physical and emotional obstacles), will show you how important is to be connected with your breathing to aid the process of ‘Surrender’.

Rose will enhance your knowledge of this Yoga programme that combines different disciplines such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra and Mudra, constantly focused on fluid breathing. As the word Yoga says in its translation, ‘all in one’, the union of these powerful practices provide immense benefits for the body, mind and soul in a single essence. Based on the importance of life flow and welcoming the inner peace that is already present, we will work on the energy balance by reprogramming our cells with new vigour and spirit will find its true dimension of freedom. Experience a new awareness of yourself, not on the surface but deep within you where true yoga resides.

Classes will be held twice a day morning and afternoon, with plenty of hours during the day to enjoy the resort and surrounding areas, napping, reading a book, pampering yourself or just to make maximum use of swimming pool and green lawns!

Classes take place either on the open-air green lawn with panoramic views across the valley or inside the beautiful spacious and conditioned hall.

The venue hosts a spacious and acclimatised yoga hall for our participants to practice in total comfort, with classes conducted by expert instructors.

Please be aware that all the props you will use and the yoga hall will be constantly and properly sanitized according to Italian Ministry of health measures regarding Covid-19.

Spoken languages: English, Italiano

Yoga and meditation retreat in Puglia: programme

Thursday 10th September

Arrival Day

  • 2.00 pm Welcome drink and first meeting
  • Rose will meet the participants for the first time, introduce herself and have the opportunity to speak with the group.

The first yoga practice section is at:

  • 5.00 / 5.30 pmPRANAYAMA (Yogic breathing)
  • 5.30 / 6.30 pmYOGA Gentle and Relax (breathe and let go).
  • The importance of flowing with the inhale to welcome regenerating oxygen and letting go of what is not needed with the exhale. Gives relax, release any tension out of body and mind.
  • 7.30 pmDinner

Friday 11th September

  • 7.30/8.00 am Help yourself with tea and coffee
  • 8.00/8.30 am MEDITATION (Surya Mudra – strengthens muscles tissues, gives positive energy)
  • 8.30/9.30 am YOGA Flow (Energy awakening). We will be working on the muscular and energetic system by strengthening the metabolism. We will focus with our inner part in order to flow into the asana in a meditative state flowing with the breath.
  • 9.30 am Breakfast
  • 12.30 pm Light Lunch
  • 5.00/5.30 pm PRANAYAMA (Nadhi Shodana with Antar Kumbhaka)
  • 5.30/6.30 pm YOGA Relax (calm & gentle – Asana that will relax your body to prepare it to the quietness for a good night sleep)
  • 7.30 pm Dinner

Saturday 12th September

  • 7.30/8.00 am Help yourself with tea and coffee
  • 8.00/8.30 am MEDITATION (JAL Mudra – helps the communication with your inner self and with the world)
  • 8.30/9.30 am YOGA Flow (flowing into the asana like water element, that works on purification, creativity and emotion)
  • 9.30 am Breakfast
  • 12.30 pm Light Lunch
  • 5.00/5.30 pm MEDITATION (Yoni Mudra – helps isolate yourself in meditation/calms the nervous system)
  • 5.30/6.30 pm YIN Yoga evening for deep relax (for lower body)
  • 7.30 pm Dinner

Sunday 13th September

  • 7.30/8.00 am Help yourself with tea and coffee
  • 8.00/8.30 am PRANAYAMA (shitali – refresh mind and body from the emotional state, facilitates internal organs)
  • 8.30/9.30 am YOGA flow (a good fresh morning open up to your vibrant vital energy)
  • 9.30 am Breakfast
  • 12.30 pm Light Lunch
  • 5.00/5.30 pm MEDITATION Abhaya Mudra (fearlessness)
  • 5.30/6.30 pm YIN YOGA (surrender to freedom) Yin yoga our feminine part that welcomes us with its slowness, softness and passivity, helps us to let go of both physical and mental tension especially in the muscular part, letting everything align naturally in our life. It helps us to stay in the present moment with firm postures, they give bliss, peace by letting our masculine part fall asleep.
  • 7.30 pm Dinner

Monday 14th September

  • 7.30/8.00 am Help yourself with tea and coffee
  • 8.00/8.30 am PRANAYAMA Bhastrika (starting with a very gentle practice of breathing to get to know this important pranayama, the blood regenerates through the oxygen, tones the nervous system , the mind becomes clear and cleans the 5th chakra , the respiratory system).
  • 8.30/9.30 am YOGA flow I Feel Good (flowing into practice to the rhythm of our breath, the final sensation will be of incredible bliss).
  • 9.30 pm Breakfast
  • 12.30 pm Light Lunch
  • 5.00/5.30 pm MEDITATION Shakti Mudra (for a peaceful sleep)
  • 5.30/6.30 pm YOGA SUNSET (it regenerates blood circulation, we bring new oxygen to our muscles, bones, joints, feeling refreshed and relaxed to embrace your last night with a new awareness, new space of wellbeing in your life).
  • 7.30 pm Dinner

Tuesday 15th September

Departure day

Check out from your room is by 10.30 am but we will do our best to accommodate a later check out where possible.

Choose which room option works for you, everything else is include.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga and Meditation Retreat Rosie Troveri

Rosie Troveri

“I love yoga because it contributes incessantly to explore one’s continually evolving essence”.

Warrior of heart with an extraordinarily powerful energy to create uplifting teaching.
‘The ability to find immobility in the continuously motion’.

Rosie trained in Italy and South Africa. She has been studying the disciplines of yoga and meditation for about 30 years, mastering her knowledge with the most important exponents in the yoga profession including: Hilton Jaggard; Steward Gilchrist; Ghandi; Paramansa Yogananda; Patanjali; and Dalai Lama. She has been leading her students for so many years, through a path of inner personal growth focused on consciousness, forgiveness, and to open up to unconditional love for oneself and for life.

Based on a modern approach to teaching yoga and meditation, her method is suitable for anyone who wants to approach the discovery of the true self – the Divine self. Rosie adapts Pranayama, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga to the needs of each student, allowing the individual to enjoy the benefits of these techniques. Thanks to her experience, Rosie leads her students to the inner transformation to reunite their soul by opening up to the evolutionary path. The testimonies of those who regard her teachings are numerous, they have rediscovered the new potential of their body and soul and continue to follow Rosie’s practice.


Once a Franciscan Convent, Masseria Sant’Elia is the result of a careful stone restoration that preserves the original farmhouse. Located on a hill, this stunning architecture is surrounded by enviable views and peaceful nature of the Itrya Valley.
You will have the chance to live in a real Trullo room, inside a XIV century restored accommodation.

Close to best historical and Unesco sites as Alberobello, Polignano a mare, Lecce and Matera, this location will allow you to visit the places around, enjoying the long sandy beaches as the wonderful rocky bays by the cost. “a bucolic countryside dominated by centuries-old olive trees, and by the timeless fairy-tale beauty of trulli”.

Yoga and meditation retreat: Food

Vegan and Vegetarian menu
At the Masseria we are proud to serve exquisite vegan and vegetarian dishes with an Apulian twist. The chef will delight your taste buds with culinary creations using home-grown products, directly from the garden to your table, and locally sourced Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Furthermore you will attend an Ayurveda cooking class and a mindful dinner the day before your departure.

Yoga and meditation retreat: info


  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Twice daily yoga classes (5\6 days: one yoga class on the arrival day, two for the all 4 days following) including use of yoga mats, blocks, blankets, belts, and bolsters, (we warmly suggest to carry your own mat)
  • Daily pranayama and meditation classes
  • 3 delicious vegetarian and vegan meals per day (except for 1 dinner and 2 lunches due to day trips).
  • Welcome Aperitivo with white wine and chef’s delicacies
  • Use of swimming pool with a view
  • Laundry facilities, Hair dryers, air conditioning
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tourist tax

Not included

  • Rebalance Shiatsu Treatment
  • Airfare from/to your home city
  • Transfer to and from the accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional activities other than those specified as included in the retreat price
  • Other travel-related expenses

Optional activities other than those specified as included in the retreat price

Rooms & Prices

The accommodation offers prestigious trullo rooms, each with ensuite bathroom; an eclectic mix of antique and modern furniture; luxurious bed and bedding; for added comfort all rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, heating, free wi-fi and safe.

Please be aware that all the rooms of this accommodation, indoor and outdoor, are constantly and properly sanitized according to Italian Ministry of health measures regarding Covid-19.

Shared Room

One single bed in a twin trullo room with ensuite bathroom
€ 1.220,00 €/pp

Single Room

Double trullo room with private ensuite bathroom
€ 1.440,00 €/pp

Yoga e Meditation in Puglia

Single Suite

Double trullo room with private ensuite bathroom and sofa
1.560,00 €/pp

Extra activities

Rebalance Shiatsu Treatment
You will have the chance to experience a unique Shiatsu therapy that will balance the body’s natural ability to self-heal. Working on a holistic level, this therapy will address emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of health. During the practice will be adopted comfortable pressures, touch and manipulative techniques to rebalance energy flow and adjusting elements of the body’s physical structure. The result of this treatment is a deep sense of relax and feeling of relief , inner harmony and emotional peace.

The Masseria also boasts its own swimming pool beautifully framed with olive oil trees, green lawn and an extraordinary view of the valley with its typical “muretti” (dry-stacked stone wall).
You will feel you have been transported back in time.

Trip info

  • The nearest airports to Martina Franca are Bari and Brindisi international Airports “Aeroporti di Puglia” – 5060 kms from Martina Franca.
  • If you are flying into Rome, Aeroporti di Puglia are about 500 kms from Martina Franca.
  • Regular flights, trains and buses run from Rome, Milan and the major Italian cities to Bari and Brindisi and are very reasonably priced.

Yoga and meditation retreat: Book a place

Shared Room
One single bed in a twin trullo room with ensuite bathroom
€ 1.220,00 /pp
Single Room
Double trullo room with private ensuite bathroom
€ 1.440,00 /pp
Single Suite
Double trullo room with private ensuite bathroom and sofa
1.560,00 €/pp

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