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Data inizio: 12/08/2018
Data fine: 18/08/2018
Orari: 9/18
Indirizzo: Country House Giulia di Gallese Strada Cerreto snc 01035 Gallese (VT)
Città: Gallese
Provincia: Viterbo
Nazione: Italia
Regione: Lazio


Riferimento: Satya Prem Jyoti
Telefono: mostra numero
Centri: Agriturismo Giulia Di Gallese
Insegnanti: Sara Avtar

SaraSwaraRasa” – Harmonious Attunement
6-Day Level 2 Intensive: 12-18 August 2018
Touching your Life with a Wave of Grace…
Join us for a joyful, deeply nurturing 6-day Intensive, in Giulia di Gallese, Italy – and give radiant expression to the impulse of your soul!
In this week, we will explore the cyclic entwinement of flowing movement with rhythmic breath and voice. We will illumine our practice with mindfulness, blissfully synchronizing it all with Jappa – the sacred repetition of mantra. This alchemy interweaves a unique and ‘tuneful’ space of consciousness – a relaxed atmosphere of ‘wakeful harmonisation’.
This subtle ‘tunefulness’, or Swara, arises effortlessly from a relaxed inner state. The delicate tapestry of yogic practice releases inner blocks and deep conditioning, returning us to our natural state of Peaceful Presence. Vocal repetition, coordinated with organic cyclic movement, patterns our prana harmoniously to a point of resonance and… Swara ‘lights up’. Swara is the radiant Self, illumined with awareness. Its subtle tuning of the mind-body instrument activates inner healing, opening us up to our core vibration and the expressive fullness of aware Being. As waves of prana-shakti align and awaken, they spontaneously cascade through our body into free dance and song – inviting us to surrender to inner guidance and embody this invigorating flow, or Rasa. Together, we will celebrate the originality of this creative soul-impulse!
SaraSwaraRasa is the radiant resonance of aware prana-shakti, characteristic to Shakti Dance. Its unique atmosphere of ‘harmonious attunement’ imparts vibrant health and clarity of purpose. Bathing in SaraSwaraRasa brings a profound shift of perspective. Horizons expand for creative fulfilment, opening out into a deep meditative space of Peaceful Presence.
We warmly invite you to share in this truly magical and blissfully transformative experience.
Shakti Dance®, the ‘Yoga of Dance’ is based on the technology of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This discipline was developed by Sara Avtar, with the blessing of Yogi Bhajan, in 2001.