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Data inizio: 06/04/2017
Data fine: 09/04/2017
Orari: 16:30
Indirizzo: valparaiso 9
Città: Milano
Provincia: Milano
Regione: Lombardia
Stili: Yoga e benessere


Riferimento: Christiane Terrone
Telefono: mostra numero
Insegnanti: Tamara Levinson-Campos, Christiane Terrone

YOGANCE: Movement Therapy Intensive Breakdown:
This 4day intensive will take you trough a body-mind-soul healing journey towards self love. We will be working from the ground up. Rooting with solid foundational cues, dissecting yoga dance choreography, exploring space & sound, re-learning to move free and play like a child again. If you enjoy explorative intuitive movement this workshop is for you! Although classes can be attended separately, Tamara strongly encourages her beYOUtiful warriors to immerse themselves into the four day intensive experience as one class will lead into the next. Let’s dance!

Thursday April 6 – 16.30-18.30 || YOGANCE FOUNDATIONS
Proper foundation is the key to a safe, long and fulfilling practice. we will start from the basics, talking alignment, technique, breath to movement and the understanding of an effective warm up and cool down. We will learn a basic Yogance introducing “non-traditional” transitions between basic foundational postures.

Friday April 7 – 16.30-18.30 || ChoreYOGAphy & FREEstyle
Recapping and building on what we learned day one. Yogance flow with be based of more complex transitions and intermediate postures. Second half of class introduces the moving free aspect of the Yogance practice, taking our expression off the mat. We will play with space and texture of movement and flow.

Saturday April 8 – 12-14 || TRUST & CONNECTION
Adding on to the day 2 Yogance sequence, executing a longer routine, will allow us to work with memory and endurance. Second half of the choreYOGAphy will be “off the mat”. Playtime will find it’s way into our practice, playing with fun movement exercises that feed the creative mind and explore self expression and individuality.

Sunday April 9 – 12-14 || MOVEMENT THERAPY
Final day, putting it all together and trusting in what we’ve learned, finding a therapeutic expression of self love throughout our Yogance experience. We will play with more sequencing and improvisational movement exercises.


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Christiane Terrone
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