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Prezzo: a partire da 2680€
Data inizio: 22/04/2020
Data fine: 30/04/2020
Orari: 9-17h
Indirizzo: c.s. Val di Perle, 58 52044 Cortona (AR)
Città: Cortona (AR)
Provincia: Arezzo
Regione: Toscana
Stili: Meditazione, Più stili yoga, Reiki


Riferimento: Jana Allmrodt
Telefono: mostra numero
Insegnanti: Tariq Juneja – From Uganda, Living In England, Jules Devitto – From England, Living All Over The World, Mark Brouwers – The Netherlands, Shelley J Whitehead – From South Africa, Living In England, Jevon Dangeli – From South Africa, Living In Italy, Jana Allmrodt – From Germany, Living In Italy, Malin Johansson- From Sweden, Living In England, Kriszti VanSlyke – From Hungary, Living In Italy
Strutture: Villa Terzo Di Danciano

Join us for 8 blissful days at an idyllic retreat villa in Tuscany to experience and learn the Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) approaches for healing, transformation and growth.

The ASE Immersion Retreat forms the first 4 days of the ASE Facilitator training/retreat. Over these 4 days the ASE Team and the retreat hospitality staff at Villa Terzo di Danciano will take care of you on every level – providing the space, sessions and exquisite food to nurture your body, mind and spirit.

After the first 4 days you can expect to feel rested, rejuvenated and ready for 4 more days of learning how to facilitate all the ASE techniques and processes for yourself and for the benefit of others. The training/retreat is followed by 6 live group supervision sessions via Zoom every second month.

The ASE Facilitator training/retreat will provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself along with your overall purpose in life and clear ways to manifest it. You will escalate your level of emotional, social and spiritual intelligence, becoming a more mindful, bodyful and spiritful human being.

This unique training/retreat will equip you to guide individuals and groups to access their inherently wise, creative and resourceful levels of consciousness. Although this course is well suited to those already in the caring, healing and changework professions, it is also a perfect starting point for those who wish to work in such contexts. There is NO expectation for you to become a ‘helping professional’. Many people choose to attend this training/retreat purely for their own personal and spiritual growth.

No previous experience is necessary in order to join us on this transformative learning journey. If you are already involved in leadership, coaching, therapy, counselling, teaching, training and other helping or developmental professions; the ASE Facilitator Training will raise your level of competency and add tremendous value to your overall expertise.

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What people say about their experience at this training/retreat:

“The course was fantastic, well presented, with such authenticity and love. It was a deeply profound journey, both personally and professionally. I really enjoyed the energy between us in the group and how we all learnt to really tap into our intuition. The facilitation and development of “open awareness” allowed us to integrate the ASE processes at a deep level so that we left the training competent at facilitating them.”
– Stephanie Maural, Pilates instructor

“ASE empowers people to be in control in stressful situations by allowing for a variety of responses rather than being in a ‘knee jerk reaction’ mode. It also enables the individual to decide their own outcome in any situation instead of being controlled by external influences.” – Grigor Stewart

“Jevon presents an incredible program that has the potential to give people the ability to access the well-spring of human excellence in all of us. The ASE training provides personal development processes that allow the individual to experience Authentic Self Empowerment. Highly recommend.” – Tariq Juneja

“The ASE Facilitator Training was delivered professionally with sensitivity and intuition. The integration of theory and experience and practice was seamless and impressive – a remarkable journey! It was life-changing. I loved every second of this course!” – Hennie Geldenhuys, MD.


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