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Indirizzo: Via Ludovico Ariosto 135
Città: Sanremo
Provincia: Imperia
Regione: Liguria
Stili: Hatha Yoga, Massaggi, Meditazione, Yoga Correttivo, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Restorativo


Lezioni in Italiano, Inglese e Tedesco:
The yoga classes are traditionally taught in small groups (8 people max) and there’s no levels. The small size of a class allows corrections and variations.
Additionally to groups, One-on-One instruction (viniyoga in the Tradition of T K V Desikachar) is highly recommended (every 2 months), in order to work on your individual practice and personal issues.
In every part of my live, I experienced Yoga as a wholesome path that includes everything. You can’t avoid problems or feelings. And therefore there‘s really nowhere to hide and but it is also not necessary, because within problems there‘s also this sacred space. Yoga is something one can always return to.
When I was 16, I said to myself: Yoga or Karate. With a lot of backpain, I visited my yoga class and instantly handed myself over to this lifelong journey. Yoga belongs to my life ever since. In my early 20’s I started an intensive four years Teachers training. Yoga philosophy got me and suddently it all made sense. My life has been greatly enriched by different teachers but also by other traditions, such as Zazen in the buddhist Rinzai Tradition, the study of Tuina Massage/Qi-Gong and western Herbalism.
My approach:
In midst of body-oriented styles, in the jungle of today‘s Yoga-Entertainment market, many people do not find peace in yoga classes. After some drastic experiences in my life, I realized the necessity, to work on the subtle level of the breath/energy and the meditation. Besides the practice of asana, those elements have become essential vehicles in my intuitive teaching.

from 1991 Yoga, Erika Schnetzer, Zurich, Switzerland; 1997-2001 SY certified Yoga Teacher Training, Peter Oswald, Basel, Switzerland;
1998/99 India; 2001-2003 Teaching, Active-Fitness, Zurich, Switzerland; 2003 Founding of “Shantayoga” School of Yoga, Zurich;
2006-2008 Further Teachers Eduction in Yoga Therapy and Philosophy (Yoga-Sûtra), Margaretha Stühl-Nones, Biel, Switzerland;
2006-2009 Private Sessions, Margaretha Stühl-Nones, Biel, Switzerland; 2011-2013 Further Teachers Eduction,
Yoga of the Energy,Boris Tatzky/Agathe Bretschneider: Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Meditation, Germany;
Zen-Meditation Zen Center, Detroit, Hwalson Sunim, Shogen Dojo, Zürich, Shokan Marcel Urech;
2020-AMAL Scuola Medicina Tradizionale Cinese, genova, Italy, 3 years education in Tuinà Massage, Qi Gong


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