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Indirizzo: via Portuense
Città: Roma
Provincia: Roma
Regione: Lazio


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I had the privilege to born very sensitive and creative kid. At seven years old Corean masters of Taekwondo Park Sun Jan show me a wider way to exercise with breathe, and face fear to learn how overcome feelings with courage and self- control.
In 1977 I win the gold medal of Italian Championship (combat) as black belt 1 dan.
I also teach Taekwondo under the supervision of maestro Melchiorre Cavalli and Park Sun Jan being part of the athletic federation that spread in Italy and Europe Taekwondo.
In 1987 I win bronze medal of Italian Championship “forme” near to became 2nd dan.
In 1989 I have been certificate Aerobic’s Instructor of 1 and 2 level by F.I.F. under the supervision of Linda Foster director and founder of Fitness Express, I have been a personal trainer for many years always teaching postural aerobic movement, coordinating with the breath.
I studied also at National Academy of Classical Dance, Contemporary dance (Merce Chunningam) with Roberta Gherrison and African-Classical dance with Oumar Camara.
Buto dance with Oguri and always in California I studied “Five Rhythms” by Gabrielle Roth.
In 1991 I graduate in Academy of Art (painting) with maestro Enzo Brunori.
In 1993 I began to work as an assistent to master choreografer director Lindsay kemp. For 6 years I have been the personal assistant of Lindsay kemp : translating his voice in dance theatrical workshop, manifactoring set décor, art work, costumes, posters for Lindsay Kemp shows “Cenicienta” in Spain and Italy and also I specialize in “live drawings” my personal style of create art work from seeing and drawing during theatrical performances.
In 1997 I realized with Lindsay my first art book “Sogno” by Postcart Edizioni.
In 1998 during Umbria Jazz, Teatro Morlacchi I realized a huge set decor for “David Parson’s Company” in wooden shapes and acrilyc colour.
In 1999 I went to live in Venice California for five years were I realize my second art book “That’s how much I love you” coauthor Billy Mernit Tallfellow Press and several art show in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
At that time I was already studying dynamic yoga with J.C.Hernandez and Frank D’Aangelo and Max Strom.
I frequented many classes of yoga at Exhale Center in Santa Monica with Max Strom, Saul David Raye, Shiva Rea and Erich Shiffmann, Matthew Cohen.
In 1999 I have got a master in Story Board artist, UCLA university Los Angeles and I work as a slide artist for Virginia Avenue Project ( I designed banner of their web.)
Since 1999 till 2002 Art Teacher for kids at Ecole Claire Fountaine and Presbiterian School in Venice and Santa Monica (Los Angeles).
In 2000 I have got the instructor certificate in “Yoga Fit” in San Diego Ca. Since than I attend many important workshop with Saul David Raye, March Blanchard, David Life and Sharon Ghannon, March Whitwell, Shiva Rea, Matthew Choen, Matthew Sweeney, Max Strom in particular became my mentor for my yogaflow style.
Since 2002 till 2016 I teach my Yoga Flow method to group and private class in Rome and workshops in Italy, Milan, Turin, Umbria, Tuscany and Rome.
Since 2002 till 2016 I dance Tango Argentino among many other teacher i studied with Alicia Mabel Vaccarini ,Pablo Pugliese ,Milena Plebs, Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Ann.
Since 2005 till 2016 I wrote and published many yoga’s articles on magazine :”Vivere lo Yoga”, “Yoga Journal” ,”Vogue”, “Star Bene “, “Donna di Repubblica” and “Fao Gazette Magazine”.
Since 2005 till 2016 I taught workshops, free classes to all level of practitioner Yoga Flow 1-2 level, Cascina Farsetti, Villa Pamphili at Roma Yoga Festival
In 2009 I have publisched a third art book: “Live Tango Drawings” with Cigra Edizioni.
In 2010 Yoga Flow class Yoga Aid in piazza Navona
In 2011 March 10th, Swami Ananda Chaitanya during a workshop gave a sanskrit name to Janine Claudia Nizza as Annasuya “The lady who made the sun smile”.
In 2012 “Yoga Flow” I published a calendar with photographer Enrico Blasi and introduction written by yoga master Max Strom.
In 2014 Telethon Yoga Flow class in Circo Massimo
Since 2004 till 2006 Milano Yoga Festival I taught Yoga Flow and exhibit to the public my photo gallery of Yoga Flow with Enrico Blasi in Mandala space at Superstudio Piu’.
In 2014 I have received the Ghonzon for my buddhist practice of Nichiren Daishonin: I saw in it a parallel philosophy with the principle of yoga: the breath is the Daimoku and the body is the Ghonzon!
Since 2015 till 2016 a collaboration with Micaela Jorio “Diversi Insegnamenti un unico Dharma” at Sutri (VT)
In 2016 Free Class Yoga Flow all level for Hara Benessere at Roma Yoga Festival (Villa Piccolomini)
In 2016 “Energie nel Parco” I will teach a workshop of Yoga Flow “learning Vinyasa Yoga Flow Through your practice” advanced level at Sutri (VT)
Since 2005 till 2016 I am practitioner of Astanga Yoga with Lino Miele.
In 2015 Kovalam workshop of Astanga Yoga with Lino Miele India Kerala.
In 2016 Kovalam Workshop of Astanga Yoga with Lino Miele India Kerala.


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